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Love In An Age Of Information Overload

When it comes to information, humanity has been playing a vast game of Tetris for thousands of years. New blocks of information are constantly being formed as we acquire new knowledge. 

In the 21st century, information is coming toward us at lightning speed. In the game of information-Tetris, we are in the lightning rounds.

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Pique Resilience Project

Gender Dysphoria

Danger Ramen is a podcast hosted by four young women who experienced Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) in their teenage years and identified as transgender men. Now in their twenties, all four women have since detransitioned/desisted from transgender identity and are able to look back on their teen years with the clarity of hindsight. They’ve formed the Pique Resilience Project to provide support for young people experiencing ROGD and to help minimize the number of teenagers harmed by significant medical choices they might later come to regret.

The Guardian

The United States of Plastic

Recycling can feel like hard work, especially if your local municipality doesn’t come to collect recyclables from your driveway once a month. But it’s a good thing, right? Well, yes. Which is why this recent global exposé is particularly discouraging: A Guardian investigation has found that hundreds of thousands of tons of US plastic are being shipped every year to poorly regulated developing countries around the globe for the dirty, labor-intensive process of recycling. The consequences for public health and the environment are grim.

Wendell Berry

Going Home with Wendell Berry

After years of feeling “existentially adrift about the future of the planet”, New Yorker staff writer Amanda Petrusich penned a letter to Wendell Berry and began a dialogue that resulted in this deeply wise and arresting interview, a small feast of wisdom about limitation, the meaning of neighborliness, “the evident parallel between the treatment of women and the treatment of the land”, and marriage. A preview: