4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Bible Reading—Peter Leithart

This short article by Peter Leithart is solid gold. Your Three Things editor has been inadvertently following this advice for the last few years and can attest to how the Bible has opened up and blossomed for him like a flower in spring.

Here’s one of Leithart’s tips:

…some people are, by the Spirit’s gift and through long practice, better readers than others. Some readers notice things everyone else overlooks. Good readers make connections no one else would think to make. … Find someone whose reading of the Bible electrifies and delights you, someone who makes your heart burn. Listen. Mimic. As you read, imagine he’s standing at your shoulder pointing to all the things you missed.

Read "4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Bible Reading" over at TGC. For more from Peter Leithart, check out his brilliant (and short) new book on the Ten Commandments or his invaluable introduction to the Old Testament. He's a Bible reader worth mimicking.

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