Christianity Gets Weird—Tara Isabella Burton

Weird Christianity is on the rise in America: younger Christians, many newly converted, who reject mainline "liberal" denominations as too accommodating to secularism, but who also reject "the fusion of ethnonationalism, unfettered capitalism and Republican Party politics that has come to define the modern white evangelical movement."

Politically diverse and eager to find a home, Weird Christians often end up landing in Catholic, Orthodox, or other high church settings. If you're not familiar with this phenomenon, this short article offers a mini catalogue of "Weird Christian" voices worth listening to, including Rod Dreher and Leah Libresco Sargent.

Read "Christianity Gets Weird" over at The New York Times. You can also read the story of Burton's conversion from magic to Christianity over at Catapult or listen to her recent talk about America's new religious landscape (in conversation with Steven Smith and Ross Douthat).

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