Christians and Conspiracy Theories—Adrienne LaFrance on QAnon

This riveting article probes the latest American conspiracy theory – a political cult called QAnon that has surprising traction among conservative Christians:

You know that a small group of manipulators, operating in the shadows, pull the planet’s strings. You know that they are powerful enough to abuse children without fear of retribution. You know that the mainstream media are their handmaidens, in partnership with Hillary Clinton and the secretive denizens of the deep state. You know that only Donald Trump stands between you and a damned and ravaged world.

Three-quarters of Americans claim total ignorance of this secret knowledge, but social media is packed with QAnon content and frequently retweeted by President Trump. "The group harnesses paranoia to fervent hope and a deep sense of belonging," LaFrance writes. "To look at QAnon is to see not just a conspiracy theory but the birth of a new religion."

Read or listen to "The Prophecies of Q" over at The Atlantic, then hop over to TGC for Joe Carter's explanation of how QAnon is a dangerous satanic movement.

We'd also be remiss not to recommend Dru Johnson's brilliant article "Jesus Cares About Your Conspiracy Theory"over at Christianity Today. "The Bible’s authors weren’t naïve—they knew that some conspiracies, of course, turn out to be true," Johnson writes. "But Scripture demonstrates a notable interest in guiding how we’re to arrive at the truth."

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