How Social Media Ruins Your Life—Jaron Lanier

"Social media hates your soul. ... It’s a religion that’s completely lacking in empathy or any kind of personal acknowledgment. And it’s a bad religion. It’s a nerdy, empty, sterile, ugly, useless religion that’s based on false ideas."

You wouldn't expect to hear this from one of world's most renowned technologists and one the original creators of virtual reality, but this is the surprising claim of Silicon Valley pioneer Jaron Lanier. Armed with the planet's most spellbining dreadlocks, Lanier is on a crusade to get you to delete your social media accounts right now. This is the topic of his new book and he's been on the interview circuit this summer to explain how our social media platforms will remain deeply flawed so long as they are built on an advertising model that relentlessly harvests user attention for monetary gain. Lanier is no technophobe, though. He knows the dark side of technology, but he also offers some substantial hope that the social media of the future could be better than what we have today.

Give Jaron Lanier twenty minutes of your time—and Google him for more!

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