How the Apostle Paul Changed the World—Tom Holland and Tom (N.T.) Wright

The British radio show Unbelievable? has a tried and true premise: get a believer (usually a Christian) and a nonbeliever into the same room and have them talk about something they each know a great deal about. Sometimes the result is an impassioned debate, but sometimes it’s just a darn good discussion.

This episode is the latter. It puts together two first-class historians — atheist Tom Holland and renowned theologian Tom Wright — to talk about the Apostle Paul and his world. It is anything but boring. Listen to Wright and Holland discuss how the news of a crucified and risen Jesus would've exploded all notions of how power works in the Roman world. For two more highlights, zoom to Wright’s description of how Paul’s vision of Jesus on the Damascus road forever changed the way he read the Bible, or Holland’s passionate explanation of how Paul’s letters are “the most influential, impactful, and revolutionary writings to emerge from the ancient world.”

Watch the conversation on YouTube or listen in on the Unbelievable podcast. To dig deeper, check out N.T. Wright's Paul: A Biography.

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