Love in the Time of Coronavirus—Andy Crouch

If you have time for just one article about the current pandemic, make it this one by Andy Crouch. Published yesterday and aimed at Christian leaders, “Love in the Time of Coronavirus” is thorough, practical, and rich with Christian hope – which is always hard-won, but never disappoints (Romans 5:5). Here’s what the article covers:

  1. What is happening? An overview of the most important things for Christian leaders, anywhere in the United States, to know about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

  2. What should we communicate? A list of the most helpful messages others can hear from us — and the most harmful messages as well.

  3. What decisions should we make? Recommendations for decisions about large gatherings, medium-size gatherings for Christian worship, and small groups meeting in households.

  4. What can we hope for? A few reflections on the genuine possibility that our decisions in the next few weeks could reshape the practice of Christian faith in our nation and, God being merciful, lead to a revival of the church of Jesus Christ in America.

Read "Love in the Time of Coronavirus" over at Medium. We also recommend today's edition of Matthew Lee Anderson's The Path Before Us – "On Living in a Pandemic Age" – for wisdom from C.S. Lewis and Augustine. For now, we'll let this snippet from Andy Crouch's article have the final word: In the history of the church, over and over it has been local “households,” extended-family-size outposts of the Kingdom of God, that have been able to most effectively mobilize care of the vulnerable in their midst, and to reach out and care for the vulnerable around them. In this time when large gatherings have shaped our imagination of what “church” is and means, and even more so when media and celebrity have colonized all of our imaginations and made us think that true influence and value is somewhere else, we have a window of opportunity to rebuild the foundation of all real love and care — a circle of people, related to one another as brother and sister, who know and are known, love and are loved, and who move out in service to the world.

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