"No Wealth but Life"Moral Reasoning in a PandemicKen Myers reads—Brad Littlejohn

The coronavirus raises a host of questions: "What is this all for? What is the value of human life? Am I willing to sacrifice my freedom to protect my neighbor? Can I sacrifice some comfort to protect life?"

In this remarkable piece, Brad Littlejohn explains how Christians – especially those who claim to be pro-life – are uniquely poised to offer answers to these questions, but that many are currently squandering the opportunity by clinging tightly to illusory freedoms, wealth, and material comfort.

What's behind this? Littlejohn probes the hard questions and their "chorus of objections", brushes away the errors of sentimentalism and utilitarianism, and prepares for a landing like this:

At the root of our protest that “the cure is worse than the disease,” I suspect, is a fear that our own way of life may have to change. Comforts that we once took for granted might turn out to be luxuries. Luxuries that we once aspired to may have to be shelved for another decade or two. Freedoms that we thought were our birthright, we will be forced to realize, were in fact simply the lucky blessing of having been born at the right time.

Once we've turned our back on these fears and false freedoms, we've started on the path of true Christian liberty – the freedom to love our neighbor.

Listen to Ken Myers read "'No Wealth but Life': Moral Reasoning in a Pandemic" over at Mars Hill Audio or via the Mars Hill Audio app. You can also read the original essay and its followup – "Our Lives or Our Freedoms: The Fear of Tyranny in a Time of Pandemic" – over at Mere Orthodoxy.

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