Reading Genesis Well—Gavin Ortlund and Jack Collins on history, poetry, science and truth

When it comes to Bible reading, starting at the very beginning sometimes feels like a very bad place to start. Even before Leviticus comes around, Genesis 1-11 gives modern readers no shortage of hurdles.

In this interview with Gavin Ortlund, Old Testament scholar Jack Collins discusses whether the early chapters of Genesis are using poetic, scientific, or ordinary language. He delves into how C.S. Lewis can help us read Genesis responsibly and why our contemporary definition of "literal" veers from how earlier Christians used the word. (Gavin Ortlund has also done some illuminating work on this latter topic.)

The discussion centers around Collins' recent bookReading Genesis Well Navigating History, Poetry, Science, and Truth in Genesis 1-11. YouTube comments aren't always the best for book reviews, but the first comment is a commendation worth listening to: "Reading Genesis Well (RGW) is the single most important book I've read from a personal apologetic standpoint, ironic, as if I recall correctly Collins explicitly states that it's not an apologetic within the work itself lol."

Listen to "Jack Collins on Reading Genesis Well" or check out the book. For more irenic discussions of controversial issues, see Gavin Ortlund's YouTube channel Truth Unites.

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