They Blinded Us with ScienceThe History of a Delusion—Sohrab Amari

What is truth? For most modern people, “truth is limited to only what can be sensed with the senses, measured with our instruments, and generally expressed in mathematical language.”

Truth = facts — and science gets you the facts. But is there more than this?

Sohrab Amari proposes that the coronavirus pandemic is revealing just how many questions are unanswerable by scientific fact.

An event of this kind forcefully and frontally challenges the reigning scientific outlook. It does this in three ways. First, by revealing science’s internal limitations when it comes to mastering nature, let alone yielding ultimate truth. Second, by underscoring the primacy of life itself over the scientific enterprise. Third, by reminding us that there persists a vast range of human problems that no scientific discovery or technique can solve.

Read “They Blinded Us with Science” over at Commentary. For a related discussion, check out Hans Rookmaaker’s classic lecture “What is Reality?”.

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