Unnecessary Gifts—Wesley Hill

Our previous issue featured a short piece by Gracy Olmstead on why we should continue having children despite the looming threat of climate change. Here’s another short essay on children, this time by Wesley Hill, a celibate seminary professor and god-parent.

In the ancient world, children were viewed as “links in a generational chain that will preserve the church’s family name or guarantee its future flourishing.” Despite dramatic cultural shifts over time, we often view children in a similar way today — as a way to “ensure we won’t be alone in old age and that our history won’t die when we do.”

Both of these perspectives make children “the solution to some problem” — a means to our own ends. How might Christianity enable us to receive children as gifts of grace?

Read “Unnecessary Gifts” by Wesley Hill in The Point. For more from Wesley Hill, check out “Jigs for Marriage and Celibacy” over at Comment or his new little book The Lord's Prayer.

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