How Technology Behaves

Andy Patton

Perhaps you’ve noticed that at least one of our Three Things each issue is related to technology. This isn’t because we’re techies, but because we’re convinced that most of us are so involved with technology that we lump it in the same category as food, air, advertising, and other things we consume without much awareness. We want to change that – but we also want to strike a good balance. People tend to fall into one of two broad categories when it comes to thinking about technology: the technophiles who love it and the technophobes who fear it.

Technophiles snap up every new gadget as soon as it is available, often focusing on what technology gives them rather than what they have to pay to get it. Technophobes are slow to adopt new technology, feeling a general wariness about it and focusing on what new technologies take away from our common life.

This talk by Three Things Instigator Andy Patton offers a challenge to both mindsets — to the evangelists of a technological utopia and of a technological apocalypse. Technology probably won’t destroy us and it certainly won’t usher in a perfect world, but it will abide with us and continue to change the world and ourselves. Given this certainty, how can we live healthily in an irreversibly technological society?

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