How to Become Scrooge

B.D. McClay

A few Thanksgivings ago, B.D. McClay found herself watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with family and realized that all along she'd been missing the meaning of Charles Dickens' classic tale. It's not so much the story of a bad man who turns good as it is the story of a busy, indifferent man who learns how to care.

If that's true, A Christmas Carol is just the right story for our manic world. Perhaps people become Scrooges "not because they are stupid but because they can’t help it—that’s what the world is set up to make of them. They will not think of themselves as bad people, merely busy ones." Like Ebenezer Scrooge, we need the gift of perspective – past, present, and future – to make us care.

Read "My Ebenezer" at The Weekly Standard – and then go watch The Muppet Christmas Carol with someone you love.

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