Surviving Leviticus

The Bible Project

It’s almost February, which means that ambitious Bible readers across the world are turning the final pages of Exodus and encountering the first great stone of stumbling in their yearly reading plan: Leviticus.

Is there any way to read this book of laws and regulations with profit or delight, especially when it feels so arbitrary and even offensive to our modern sensibilities? Before answering that, consider that Leviticus is one of the most frequently quoted books in the New Testament. The more you understand Leviticus, the clearer you will see what Jesus came to accomplish.

Check out The Bible Project’s illuminating visual explanation of the Levitical sacrificial system. They also have a helpful visual outline of the book to help your reading seem a bit less random. For a deeper dive, listen to Old Testament scholar Jay Sklar explain the cultural and literary context of Leviticus, as well as how the laws given within it express the gracious character of the God fully and finally revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

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