The Return of Pedro the Lion

Aarik Danielsen

Some of you remember the band Pedro the Lion, a project by Dave Bazan. My daughters and I caught some of their live performances back in the mid-2000s at Cornerstone Festival and remain fans. His brutal honesty about going toe-to-toe with the God of the Bible speaks to me, though I don't share his repressive evangelical upbringing.

For the first time since 2004, Pedro the Lion is back with a new album named after Bazan's hometown of Phoenix. It seems Bazan not only grew up in the desert, he’s also battled the desert of depression his whole life. I grieve over this because I have a few loved ones who are similarly afflicted. Sadly, emotional and mental struggles isolate those we love, just like that kid on the yellow bike in one of the album's music videos. I want to be that kid who rides up next to them, if only they were willing.

Read "The Return of Pedro the Lion" over at Think Christian and be sure to check out the new album.

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