Transgender Issues and Rapid Cultural Change

Jim Paul

We live in a time of rapid cultural change. Look no further for evidence than our discussions of transgender rights, which have gone from being a minor issue to one of the most defining cultural battlefields of our time. The transgender lobby has made major gains in almost every quarter of society, from law and educational policy to media coverage and celebrity endorsement.

How did this happen so fast? More specifically, how has the transgender lobby been so successful in changing public opinion, while opposing voices have been so profoundly unsuccessful in providing compelling alternative perspectives?

This talk by Jim Paul—director of L’Abri Fellowship in England—addresses these questions. He argues that the transgender conversation exists within a deeper sea of cultural change, only recently “catching a wave” and landing on the shore of public opinion with surprising force. While not primarily concerned with the moral questions surrounding this controversial topic, this talk is an accessible and clear exploration of how such a rapid cultural change took place.

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