The Great Commission, the Persecuted Church, and Racial Unity

Karen Ellis

Persecuted Christians around the world bear a family resemblance in their confession of Christ as Lord. Because of this, the global persecuted church finds great encouragement in the experience of African American Christians who have persevered in love even when a supposedly “Christian” culture denied their basic human rights.

In this stirring address, Karen Ellis (president of the Makazi Institute and writer/lecturer on international religious freedom) draws out the deep connections between the Great Commission, the global persecuted church, and racial unity by unearthing “the seeds of faith embedded in European slave ships.”

In doing so, she encourages us to look to the persecuted church throughout the world in order to find a persevering faith that transcends the shifting trends of politics and culture. Listen to "To the Ends of the Earth: The Great Commission, the Global Persecuted Church, and Racial Unity" at The Gospel Coalition. For more on the great Phillis Wheatley, see Vincent Carretta's Biography of a Genius in Bondage.