Gender Dysphoria

Pique Resilience Project

Danger Ramen is a podcast hosted by four young women who experienced Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) in their teenage years and identified as transgender men. Now in their twenties, all four women have since detransitioned/desisted from transgender identity and are able to look back on their teen years with the clarity of hindsight. They’ve formed the Pique Resilience Project to provide support for young people experiencing ROGD and to help minimize the number of teenagers harmed by significant medical choices they might later come to regret.

In this episode, Dagny, Chiara, Jesse, and Helena explore their unique experiences of ROGD, and how non-medical intervention like binding of their breasts and medical interventions like hormone replacement therapy were urged by nearly everyone around them, including their medical doctors. This resulted in increased hatred of their biological sex and a dangerous chemical colonization of their own bodies.

“The more steps I took to transition,” Helena says, “the more I felt my body was wrong.” This is the most illuminating hour of content I’ve found for understanding contemporary concerns about transgender identity and gender dysphoria, not just from a theoretical standpoint but in the lives of real people. The podcast contains some strong language and what may be an entirely new vocabulary for many listeners, but it is worthwhile listening if you crave some clarity on these matters or if you have some teenagers at home who are asking questions. Listen to “Gender Dysphoria” on the Danger Ramen podcast through YouTube or SoundCloud. To approach these matters from a Christian point of view, check out Mark Yarhouse's Q talk or his book Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture.